Below are some examples of my work.

While the clips below display my writing and video editing skills, I am also proficient in PhotoShop, and InDesign as well.

Published Writing

UF Student Body President Practicing To Be A Real Politician By Being Total Ass Hat was a reaction piece written in a satire style. The arrest of the student body president quickly became national news, and our publication was one of the first to report.

UF Sorority Girl Confuses ‘Bracket’ For ‘Racket,’ Attends March Madness Party In A Tennis Skirt was a timely satire piece. The article was only relevant while our team was still contending in March Madness, so it had to be written, edited, and published in just a few days.

The Black Sheep Interviews: Good Boys of UF was my favorite article to write because of how much social interaction was required for it. I talked to so many students and had so many send me pictures of their pets, it was such a fun article for everyone involved.

5 Gator Nation Conspiracy Theories You’ve Probably Never Thought About was a satire article. This was a fun article and I really enjoyed the freedom of creativity that I got to have while writing it.


Video Editing

The below video was edited using clips and b-roll that were provided to me during a class assignment. The video was made using Adobe Premiere Pro.